Dec 7, 2009


I would like to take a class here to learn to knit.

pink coat

Look how sweet...

Enter the code DPGIFTX and get 20% off. Choose size 14 (British size) and hurry up because this is shipping from England!

Dec 6, 2009


a new camera

I need a new camera and I really like my Sony Cybershot P&S. More than anything it has to be substantial in my hand...I can't take good pictures with a little dinky thing.

hot cocoa maker

So, sadly my Mr. Coffee Cocomotion finally bit the dust. I'm happy enough with a replacement of the same...

Or maybe an upgrade to this lovely contraption which adds a super-duper layer of froth...

happy tape

Dec 5, 2009


from ochelly

from dejarnette

I am so in love with these necklaces...I think I love "home sweet home" best but the dollhouse is awful cute too!

crafting tools


beautiful quilt

I really love the fabrics in this quilt and think it would be just lovely for cuddling on the sofa watching television.

latte bowl

I'm still looking for a latte bowl that is personalized but I do think this one is so lovely...

green craft

from McMaster and Storm

needle felting kits

I would love to learn needle felting and I think these little birds are so cute!

Here's the link.

From Ruche...

Size Large because I think these all run rather small. Click each image to see in catalog and order.